Why Bitcoin Aligns With My Values

By Deborah Train, Exchange Desk Agent

As someone who came onto the tech scene late, my lack of understanding about Bitcoin and digital currency made me initially skeptical. The negative press led me to believe that is was only being used by criminals and the black market trade. As an American, and a patriot, I questioned the motives of stepping outside of the existing fiat system – that was until I began to do a deep dive into the working mechanisms of the overall macro-economic system. Why was the richest country in the world so divided, economically? Why was the cost of living higher than what the average American wage could endure, and why were our hard-earned tax dollars bailing out the banking institutions and corporations? Something was obviously not right.

Incrementally, as I began to dig deep into the historic and current situation, it became clear that the people at the helm had, and continue to create policies that corrupt and tilt the economic structure in their own favor; bottom-lining employees, stealing pension funds, sending production overseas, using contract law to bury the Truth, and allowing monopolies to take over corporate America. Competition and balance in the entire system was being eradicated. I now understood how the global economy played a much more important role in our personal lives than we had ever dreamed possible. 

Ignorance is not bliss – it enables the orchestrators of governments and power to impair the good people of the world and hold them hostage to a system of elitism and enslavement which undermines an entire society. Heavy, I know, but the Truth usually is. I have lived my life creating beautiful things for people as an entrepreneur, respecting and believing that if you worked hard and paid your bills, all would be well.

Not the case. The inner workings of the financial system are a shell game of corporate tactics and insider trading that steps far beyond the ethical boundaries of most tax paying citizens. If you’ve been down on your luck, have made a bad investment, and needed to rebuild, the chances were – despite what all of the high-paid motivational coaches are telling you, it’s very difficult to earn your way back into a secure situation, without selling your soul and compromising your health.

“Economics is not traditionally thought of as a practice for creative people. Yet, its the one thing that always seems to get in the way of putting food on the table, while we make things that we feel matter in the world.” Gunther Sonnenfeld.

In this linear, rational world of ours we tend to compartmentalize our work, from our families, from our health, from our play – as if we can. When in reality our lives are interconnected to everything we experience, believe, and engage in. Society seems to have mystified artists. It has underestimated their capacity to contribute systemic and positive changes for culture(s). It is the creative mind that reaches beyond the extraordinary, who dares venture into the unfamiliar, ambiguous, and paradoxical nature of our existence. We (artists) are typically multi-faceted in our perspectives – inventors, seeking solutions, not simply about aesthetics, but about the environment and mechanisms within which humanity resides. 

This is how I came to the realization that Bitcoin was in alignment with my personal values – I was seeking solutions to my own situation. Not only was Bitcoin functioning outside of the central banking system, but the blockchain technology provided an intrinsic capacity for transparency, it offered the individual sovereignty from third party infringement, and was scarce, which adds to it’s overall value. Bitcoin can be transferred anywhere in the world, it is divisible, it is fungible – meaning it can be traded for other assets, as well as goods, and it is durable. These qualities make it a candidate for ‘money’,or currency, and in my case it has proven to be a good investment that I have custody of. 

To sum it up, I have watched my own investments more than double in the past four months, and have been confident in knowing that I am offering my clients an investment that has value, and, aligns with my personal values – that’s why they call it the ‘peoples’ money.

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