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Daren Hebold | Founder, CEO

Mr. Hebold is the Founder and CEO of the LUX Companies, a regional commercial real estate asset management company as well as LUXOLO Financial, the innovative in-person cryptocurrency exchange. He has cultivated a strong reputation of trust in the industry and community given his command of confidentiality, fiduciary duty and financial skills in the handling of high value commercial real estate assets. After getting financially thrashed by the Great Recession in 2008-09 and closely studying the US central bank and government responses, he began seriously questioning the composition, integrity and sustainability of our financial system which at its core includes a central bank that is privately owned, centralized and granted the outrageous right to unlimited emission of new currency at their sole discretion.

Needless to say, after critical analysis, research and discussions with friends, he stumbled upon bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Seeing and participating in the extraordinary, freedom enabling benefits of this new parallel financial system together with its technological superiority, he founded LUXOLO Financial to broadly deliver cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology benefits to individuals and small businesses alike for everyday use in commerce.

Bernd Krczal | Partner

Mr. Krczal [pronounced Kric-zal] has a degree in business administration and is an expert in high growth software businesses. Notably, he worked for 16 years as Co-Founder and CFO of Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, an innovative Austrian online gaming company, responsible for Finance, Controlling, Human Resources and M&A. He was instrumental in helping grow the business grow from a tiny startup in 2000 to an enterprise with over $50M+ revenues. He then helped orchestrate the sale of company to a large international conglomerate and stayed on board as an employee, adding corporate experience to his resume. He moved on to found BrainCap as a vehicle for angel investments into promising startup companies in the fintech segment.

He is intrigued with blockchain technology and its disruptive potential for transforming the financial world. Moreover he is a strong believer that now is the time not only for the innovative investor but also, and in particular for those preferring a more conservative approach to question their traditional beliefs, shift their focus and move into the crypto space.


Meagan Halliday | Director of Operations

Meagan joins LUXOLO as Director of Operations. Her ability to effectively wear multiple hats has allowed company leadership to focus on vision and growth while having the confidence that back-end operations are in good hands. She focuses her attention on streamlining procedures, regulatory compliance, transactional support and contributing to the overall success of the company. Her attention to detail, ability to multi-task, and organizational skills are proving essential.

Previously, Meagan worked in both banking and insurance. Although she was both achieving and exceeding established performance benchmarks, she experienced certain limitations at these organizations that were restricting her growth and upward mobility. Additionally she became somewhat disenfranchised with the structure and operating principles of the legacy financial system. She found herself dreaming of the opportunity to make a difference while working alongside a team built on collaboration and the same growth vision. At LUXOLO, Meagan aims to affect positive change in the world by helping develop next-generation financial services that will empower and provide long term wealth for the customer.

Odias "Odie" Bachelder II, CFP | Digital Asset Wealth Manager

Odie is a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience helping clients reach their financial goals.  He worked in bank and credit union programs early on and has spent the last 10 years as an independent investment advisor. 
He has a diverse background including both traditional and nontraditional investments and always takes a comprehensive approach to help clients see how all the pieces of their financial puzzle fit together. Through building trust and taking an educational approach, he helps clients understand their options and helps make the right decision based on their specific needs. Both Odie and LUXOLO are confident that his time tested financial advisory strategies are as applicable to digital asset management as they are to traditional securities based wealth management.

Joshua Tucker | Investment Analyst

Josh joins LUXOLO as our Investment Analyst, offering critical support to both our Exchange Operations and Digital Asset Wealth Management service platforms. 
Josh lives by the adage that there is no better teacher than raw experience in the market. First introduced to bitcoin in 2015 through the writings of early bitcoin developer Hal Finney, he realized that bitcoin embodies much more than a temporal fad or just another form of money- it was a movement toward liberty and equity for all.
Through the use of critical analysis, time tested trading strategies, and an uncanny sense of market signals, Josh is excited to bring his passion for market analysis, research and customer service to LUXOLO Financial. 

Michael Seymour | Exchange Desk Advisor

Michael joins LUXOLO as an Exchange Desk Advisor from an unsuspecting background of founding and operating a yoga studio. For nearly twenty years his attention focused on empowering people to overcome their health challenges, confront their fears, and grow into their full potential. Michael is excited to apply these skills to help people thrive through the revolution of financial markets that started with bitcoin.

Michael began investigating Bitcoin immediately after the 2013 Cyprus banking collapse event. This spectacle highlighted the growing sickness in the financial sector that could only result in two outcomes: hyperinflation and collapse. The emerging technologies of bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralization provided a viable and promising solution to the many ills blowing through the winds of finance.

Michael considers his role at LUXOLO as that of a teacher and guide through tumultuous waters. Many do not yet understand bitcoin, cryptocurrency, fintech, financial markets, or government policy, but the inevitable reality is that change is upon us now. We all need to utilize the technology of money to communicate value. Michael aspires to encourage people to protect their hard earned savings, to prepare their future position in the new economy, and empower them with knowledge and discernment to choose wisely.

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