Who We Are


Daren Hebold | Founder, CEO

Mr. Hebold is the Founder and CEO of the LUX Companies, a regional commercial real estate asset management company. He has cultivated a strong reputation of trust in the industry and community given his command of confidentiality, fiduciary duty and financial skills in the handling of high value commercial real estate assets. After getting financially thrashed by the Great Recession in 2008-09 and closely studying the US central bank and government responses, he began seriously questioning the composition, integrity and sustainability of our private, centralized, fractional reserve financial system.

Needless to say, after critical analysis, research and discussions with friends, he stumbled upon bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency. Seeing and participating in the extraordinary, freedom enabling benefits of this new parallel financial system together with its technological superiority, he founded LUXOLO Financial to broadly deliver cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology benefits to individuals and small businesses alike for everyday use in commerce.

Arnold Jackson | Co-Founder

Mr. Jackson is a Regional Manager for the LUX Companies, as well as Co-founder and Operations Director of LUXOLO Financial. He has exceptional problem solving and personnel coaching skills. He has a highly unorthodox and fascinating career history, including a wide range of roles in video production, paralegal work, banking administration, semiconductor gold wafer diffusion, and finally customer service and operations. Notably, one of his favorite hobbies long before Satoshi released bitcoin is cryptography and cipher decoding. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding his latest personal cryptography project. While he laments a missed opportunity to invest in bitcoin in 2012, he is now an investor and teacher of all things bitcoin.

Terry Brochu | Exchange Desk Advisor

Terry joins LUXOLO as a particularly knowledgeable, yet approachable advisor of cryptocurrency assets. In recent years she has been informally providing coaching and guidance to many seeking advice on how to structure their digital portfolio. She is now able to formalize this service offering as Exchange Desk Advisor. 

Following the 2008/09 financial meltdown, she embarked upon a quest to better understand the truth behind our financial system. She stumbled upon bitcoin in 2013 and became fixated, quickly realizing this technology would play a huge role in the future of finance. She attended the 2015 Miami Bitcoin Conference where she formed numerous key business relationships within the industry, including leaders within the bitcoin mining space.

Terry is a fierce advocate for entrepreneurship. Her unconventional path is comprised of an interesting array of projects and roles, including managing a regional wireless provider office, investing in real estate as a landlord, and forming high-volume sales teams within the B2C direct selling industry. She looks forward to assisting LUXOLO desk exchange customers in acquiring, securing, managing and using their cryptocurrency.


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