Retailers and Businesses can Accept Bitcoin

Retain merchants and business owners listen up! 

Begin accepting cryptocurrency now at your point-of-sale in order to experience an immediate four-fold value proposition:

Instant Funds. 

Goodbye 2-3 day funds withholding period; transactions are processed immediately and funded to YOUR wallet.

No More Chargebacks. 

Say goodbye to chargebacks because transactions are irreversible. Refunds can only be accomplished via the customer interacting directly with you to accomplish a second, merchant-initiated refund transaction.

Low fees. 

Transactions using the various cryptocurrency payment technologies generally range from 0% to 1.0%. As these applications evolve transactions will probably trend toward a few satoshis (cents) each.

Appreciation of Capital. 

You’ll be accepting mainstream cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and litecoin that historically appreciate with time. Choose to down-convert your daily revenue to dollars at close-of-business, or keep some of your revenue in crypto for upside from appreciation.

LUXOLO Financial can expertly setup your business to accept cryptocurrency payments. Contact Us today for a discussion and to get started!
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