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Meet the Team at LUXOLO Financial

Before you begin working with our team of experts here at LUXOLO Financial, get to learn a little more about them. Working alongside those you feel comfortable with and those with whom you may share similar interests can establish healthy relationships between yourself and our team as we guide you through the investment process. Learn more about our team below.



Daren Hebold is the Founder and CEO of the LUX Companies, a regional commercial real estate asset management company, and LUXOLO Financial, the innovative in-person cryptocurrency exchange and digital asset wealth management firm. He has cultivated a broad reputation of trust within the industry and community, given his command of confidentiality, fiduciary duty, and financial skills in handling high-value commercial real estate and digital assets. 

Bernd Krczal has a degree in business administration and is an expert in high-growth software businesses. Notably, he worked for 16 years as Co-Founder and CFO of Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, an innovative Austrian online gaming company. There, he was responsible for Finance, Controlling, Human Resources, and M&A. He is intrigued with blockchain technology and its disruptive potential for transforming the financial world. 



Odias “Odie” Bachelder II is a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience helping clients reach their financial goals. He worked in bank and credit union programs early on and has spent the last ten years as an independent investment advisor. Both Odie and LUXOLO are confident that his time-tested financial advisory strategies are as applicable to digital asset management as traditional securities-based wealth management.

Joshua Tucker joins LUXOLO as our Investment Analyst, offering critical support to our Exchange Operations and Digital Asset Wealth Management service platforms. He lives by the adage that there is no better teacher than raw experience in the market. Through the use of critical analysis, time-tested trading strategies, and an uncanny sense of market signals, Josh is excited to bring his passion for market analysis, research, and customer service to LUXOLO Financial. 

Michael Seymour joins LUXOLO as an Exchange Desk Advisor from an unsuspecting background of founding and operating a yoga studio. His attention focused on empowering people to overcome their health challenges, confront their fears, and grow into their full potential for nearly twenty years. Michael applies these skills to help people thrive through the revolution of financial markets that started with bitcoin. Michael considers his role at LUXOLO as a teacher and guides through tumultuous waters. Many do not yet understand bitcoin, cryptocurrency, fintech, financial markets, or government policy, but the inevitable reality is that change is upon us now. 


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If you’re interested in speaking to one of our team members to learn more about their role here at LUXOLO Financial or would like to work alongside them with your investment needs, we are more than happy to accommodate. To get started, contact us today by calling (207) 298-2085. We look forward to working with you soon!

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