LUXOLO Welcomes 3 New Key Personnel

March 2, 2021 – Portland, ME

LUXOLO Financial, a next-generation fintech startup offering cryptocurrency exchange and asset management services is proud to announce three new key personnel. We welcome Bernd Krczal as Partner, Meagan Halliday as Operations Director and Deborah Train as Sales Desk Specialist. 

Bernd holds an MBA and is an expert in high growth software businesses. Notably, he worked for 16 years as Co-Founder and CFO of Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, an innovative Austrian online gaming company, responsible for Finance, Controlling, Human Resources and M&A. He was instrumental in helping grow the business grow from a tiny startup in 2000 to an enterprise with over $50M+ revenues.

Meagan has a background in retail banking and insurance. Her ability to completely handle internal operations at LUXOLO allows leadership to focus on vision and growth. She is focused on streamlining policies and procedures, regulatory compliance, transactional support and facilitating the service lines and revenues.

Deb has an entrepreneurial background including real estate sales and development, personal coaching, teaching and fine art. She is a strong advocate for civil liberties, personal sovereignty and financial independence. She is focused on Exchange Desk Sales as well as spearheading educational curriculum, programs and events offered by LUXOLO.

About LUXOLO and LUX Companies
LUXOLO Financial, founded in 2018 by Daren Hebold is an innovative in-person cryptocurrency exchange located in downtown Portland, Maine. LUXOLO helps customers confidently acquire bitcoin wealth, including securing, managing and investing their new money. The firm is also developing additional service lines related to collaborative custody, registered investment advisory services and sponsored real estate investments. 

LUX Companies, founded in 2012 by Daren Hebold is a portfolio of actively managed businesses specializing in the areas of real estate and cryptocurrency asset management. The companies now include LUX Realty, LUX Partners, LP Growth Holdings, Portland Public Market Parking Garage, LUX Residential and LUXOLO Financial. The companies employ 11 full and part time employees based at their headquarters at 63 Federal Street, Portland ME 04101.

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