Financial Health of Our Firm

July 8, 2022

Portland, ME Despite significant contemporary ongoing challenges in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, including failures of several prominent crypto service providers, LUXOLO Financial is proud to affirm robust financial health and regulatory compliance of the firm.

Daren Hebold, LUXOLO’s Founder/CEO reports, “We’ve been intentionally conservative from the onset. By design and unlike our competitors, we have never taken custody of customers’ assets or commingled them with our own funds; nor have we ever offered our customers exotic services or questionable investments within uncharted regulatory waters; nor have we ever gambled our own treasury assets with too-good-to-be-true defi yield or investment schemes. On the contrary, we’re a privately held company with no debt obligations and we’ve been compliant, steady and profitable with our valuable OTC exchange and collaborative custody service lines since 2018. A mighty THANK YOU to our many long standing customers who continue to find value in our services as well as the current bitcoin pricing.” 

About LUXOLO Financial

LUXOLO Financial is a next-generation digital asset financial services firm helping customers confidently acquire bitcoin wealth, including securing, managing and investing their new money. Located at 63 Marginal Way in downtown Portland, Maine, the firm offers a unique cryptocurrency exchange experience, with a bricks and mortar retail location whereupon customers interact with a knowledgeable Exchange Desk Advisor. Customers ask questions, learn, setup a collaborative custody wallet and discover the many benefits of augmenting their investment portfolio with bitcoin– a new global currency, store of value, lending collateral and parallel financial system. Customers may exchange USD $20 to $500,000 per person, per day into cryptocurrency.

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