Digital Asset Wealth Management

Service Overview

  • Incorporate Bitcoin and Digital Assets to your Investment Portfolios for increased diversification.
  • Dedicated, Experienced Wealth Manager and Investment Analyst assigned to your account available to speak with you anytime.
  • Sovereignty and Security provided via a Collaborative Custody, Multi-Signature Wallet environment.
  • Consistent Management and Quarterly Review of your portfolio and digital asset allocations, Account Statements, and Market Intelligence Reports

Diversified portfolio options to fit your risk profile and investment objectives:

BLOCK Wealth Portfolio:

Alpha Chain Portfolio:

Innovation Portfolio:

About Luxolo Financial

LUXOLO Financial is a best-in-class provider of Digital Asset Financial Services, offering personalized Exchange Desk Service and now Digital Asset Wealth Management. Clients will always receive attention from an experienced LUXOLO team member who will answer questions with educational insight, provide excellent service and exceed expectations. We look forward to hearing from you today.

Odias "Odie" Bachelder II, CFP | Digital Asset Wealth Manager

Odie is a Certified Financial Planner with over 20 years of experience helping clients reach their financial goals.  He worked in bank and credit union programs early on and has spent the last 10 years as an independent investment advisor. 
He has a diverse background including both traditional and nontraditional investments and always takes a comprehensive approach to help clients see how all the pieces of their financial puzzle fit together. Through building trust and taking an educational approach, he helps clients understand their options and helps make the right decision based on their specific needs. Both Odie and LUXOLO are confident that his time tested financial advisory strategies are as applicable to digital asset management as they are to traditional securities based wealth management.

Joshua Tucker | Investment Analyst

Josh joins LUXOLO as our Investment Analyst, offering critical support to both our Exchange Operations and Digital Asset Wealth Management service platforms. 
Josh lives by the adage that there is no better teacher than raw experience in the market. First introduced to bitcoin in 2015 through the writings of early bitcoin developer Hal Finney, he realized that bitcoin embodies much more than a temporal fad or just another form of money- it was a movement toward liberty and equity for all.
Through the use of critical analysis, time tested trading strategies, and an uncanny sense of market signals, Josh is excited to bring his passion for market analysis, research and customer service to LUXOLO Financial. 
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